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    professional lighting

    Wide range of products, Fast service, Innovative design, Continuous certification of our products from international vendors quality assurance,Specialized photometric program

  • Lighting Systems

    Innovative design based on your needs ...

    Wide range of luminaires with a full range of components for creating various formations.
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  • Individual luminaires

    Our concern is that the technology finds harmony ...

    Luminaires with a particular brand-name design that elegantly illuminate the space.
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  • recessed luminaires

    When lighting is integrated on your roof ....

    The proposals of our company for functional recessed luminaires with many applications..
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  • Led Lighting

     Energy saving is act ...  

          High quality design and performance LED luminaires
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    Our concern is the technology to find the harmony of your needs. With many years experience in manufacturing lighting we are proud of the quality of our products.

New Products

  • SEAMLESS 17000

    SEAMLESS 17000

    The luminaire FOS 17000 is now produced in all dimensions for T5 lamps SEAMLESS.This special type of lamp enables us to create continous illumination without shadows.

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