Kalfex lighting is activated at the place of professional lighting in Greece since 1948.

It was established in 1948 from Mr. Athanasios Kalfagiorgis. The company then worked just in a few square meters with  workers the owners. The first light that was manufactured and soled in the Greek market was the "skafaki" today with the experience of all these years we consist a  completely  specialized unit  of production of lighting systems. Products  modern, functional with interest up to the last detail.

Thanks to the preference and trust  of our customers today we work in Pallini  in new owned establishments 5 km from the new airport. In our contemporary  establishments with   modern meckanological equipment  with specialized personnel  and attentive design our goal is the development, the creation the innovation.

Our big range of products, the fast services, the innovative design , our continuous certification  of our products from international  houses of quality certification  and our specialized  photometric program  attracts new clients who leads our company  higher so at the local as at the international market.

Today we owned a big share of the  Greek market and we export in 12 countries.

In our will to return your trust  that you saw  to us all these years  we develop continuously our products.